The Cellar

The winery counts with the latest innovations for the production and storage of wine. From the beginning we have opted for the most efficient technology maintaining our commitment to our customers in producing quality wines.

Therefore, we have modern facilities adapted allowing us to manufacture any type of product such as still wine, sangria or juice in different formats.

In the last years we have improved the facilities for the perfect elaboration of other products like sparkling wines, frizzantes, cocktails and sangria.

Only by taking care for the raw material in all production processes, from the plant to the bottling, we can ensure the preservation of all the properties of the grape in our wine.

To carry out all these processes we maintain a continuous investment plan that allows us to occupy a leading position within the sector. The incorporation of avant-grade technology in the production line and the constant use of new barrels for wine aging are fundamental to obtain the quality of our wines recognized in the most prestigious contests of the world.


The winery has aseptic warehouses and a refrigerated room around 0º in addition to an intelligent warehouse and three production lines prepared for the bottling of 20,000 bottles per hour.


When the grapes are received in the warehouse we analyze them to know the quality and the degree of sugar through different parameters. After selecting and distributing them in different dischargers, they pass to the elaboration plant. This plant is made up of fully automatized self-emptying stainless steel tanks were the fermentation and maceration of the grapes will take place.

This plant has a capacity of 20 million liters and is equipped with the most modern technology to maintain the optimal conditions in the winemaking process.

Afterwards the wine goes to the classification plant, where filtration and clarification processes are being carried out. At this stage we also make blending of different grape varieties, which is what characterizes Lozano wines.

Once these processes are finalized vintage wines are passed to the aging plant where they are stored in French and American oak barrels of the highest quality, which are renewed every 5 years. This plant has a cooling system that ensures optimum temperature and humidity conditions for aged wines.

The last step of the elaboration process is bottling. There are 3 production lines where glass bottles ranging from 375ml to 1500 ml as well as Bag in Box are filled in.

We also have a smart warehouse for the quick localization and loading of the goods with a capacity of 2500 pallets. The warehouse is completed with 3 loading docks used for both palletized and manual loadings.

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