Lozano family, native of Villarrobledo, has been dedicated to their passion for wine during four generations. Everything started when in 1853 the first vineyard was planted in the same location as it is now.

However, only in 1974 when Juan Ramón Lozano, the grandson of the founder, and Rosa María Aroca took charge of the company founding the current company in 1920. Since then the growth has been exponential.

In 2010 Agata, Jaime and Rosa, the children of Juan Ramón and Rosa María, continued to direct the company founded by their parents decades earlier.

Together, with hard work and supported by a great team of more than 100 people, they brought Spanish wines to more than 50 countries all around the world and became to one of the referring wineries in Spain.


Lozano team is composed of dedicated, honest and professional people who guarantee the correct functioning of the company. Currently the team consists of more 100 specialists.

Do you want to be part of Lozano team?

In Lozano winery we have different departments composed by professionals of different profiles. If you want to join our team or learn with us through an internship program send us your CV here.

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