Premium Wines

Our premium product range is composed of reference brands of our winery like 1853, Oristan, Marqués de Toledo, Añoranza and Ophicus. These brands match the highest quality of the wines we offer, mainly elaborated with grapes from our own vineyards.

Having a great vineyard allows us to have total control over the final product, knowing before harvesting which specific product will be made from each type of grape variety.

The vineyard, which is located in low mountain area at about 800 meters of altitude with clay-calcareous soil, is made up of fourteen grape varieties from which Airén, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Cencibel and Cabernet Sauvignon are predominant.

Although each wine is unique and different, care and control is distinguished highlighting two key factors in the elaboration process: use old vines with an average age of over 25 years and renew the American and French oak barrels.

1853 is the Family reserve, made of Tempranillo variety. It is a wine in the elaboration of which all the cares and processes are pampered in every detail.

Oristan is the most awarded brand of our winery, made exclusively with selected grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Shiraz varieties.

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Marqués de Toledo is a classic and stylish brand. Red wines are aged in French and American oak barrels and Verdejo young wine astonishes with its freshness.

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Añoranza is the brand that best represents the young wines of our winery, although it also includes Crianza with strong color and deep aroma of wood.

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Ophicus is a brand composed mainly by limited editions highlighted by the reference sparkling wine Ophicus Brut Cuvée.

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Añoranza Frizzante is a partially fermented grape juice with 5.5 alcohol degree, which became the most popular product of the last months.

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