The history of the winery begins in 1853 when Lozano family plants the first vineyards in Villarrobledo formed mainly by the Airén variety, which is autochthonous for this area. Since then four generations have been managed the winery always laying on hard work and use of traditional techniques in the elaboration process.

One of the main factors of the company’s fermentation capacity increase was the acquisition of the present facility in 1985.

In 2005 Lozano diversified the business and began to produce also juices and concentrated musts forming CONUVA. Continued following the same philosophy of achieving the highest quality in all its products and providing a differential value and trust to all customers.

The winery has gone through different stages that have shaped what it is today: a professional and referent company in the wine sector, which adapts to the new times through new products and formats.


Nowadays our company is present in more than 50 countries thanks to the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the different markets and thanks to the quality of all our products.

International recognition of Lozano wines makes ascending the growth of the company.

Our objective focuses on providing value added to our customers taking care of all the production processes, from the grape to the final product.

In addition, we have a development plan wagering on the innovation products as frizzantes, cocktails and sangria, which are becoming reference in the market

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Lozano family

Lozano family began planting the first vineyards in 1853 and in 1920 the company was founded... SHOW MORE

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Our team consists of more than 100 men and women committed to produce quality wines... SHOW MORE

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