Our facilities are oriented towards the efficient use of resources to cause the least possible environmental impact. Because of this fact, the winery has its own purification plant that guarantees the efficient management of all liquid waste. Solid waste is recycled by different companies depending on the type of material, such as glass, paper or cardboard.

On the territory of the vineyard there is a large irrigation reservoir with an approximate capacity of 140,000 cubic meters which stores the water in rainy season to supply the needs of the crop. In addition, in order to reduce energy consumption, this water is extracted and used for irrigation only at night.

Recycling of packaging

Sustainable development

Energy saving

Waste treatment


The environmental commitment policies applied to the production process form a fundamental part of our work philosophy, always using recyclable materials. On the one hand, we avoid the use of plastic containers, using the glass ones instead. On the other hand, we use the minimum amount of glass per bottle, with the predominant closure type being natural cork or, if appropriate, aluminum, if the closure type is screw cap.

Sustainability and the optimization of natural resources allow us to maintain the necessary balance between nature and production. The use of the alternative energies and the plantations of new vineyards and olive trees can be considered to be the proof of this commitment. In addition, we have recently implemented a process management plan, where all documentation is computerized, reducing the use of paper in administrative functions by almost 80%.

Our Certifications


At Bodegas Lozano we believe in the personal and professional development of the people who make up our company. In the area of the social responsibility we are certified through Sedex, an organization which ensures safety and proper functioning of the established agreements, Lozano being its member since 2006.

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