Spanish Quality Wine is a seal of quality that guarantees the total traceability of the product through our network of suppliers. In addition, different checks are carried out throughout the growing and harvesting process, which allows to control the correct ripening of the grapes.

All our wines of this range are made with the highest quality grapes, such as Shiraz, Garnacha, Chardonnay and Macabeo. The most distinguished brands are Marqués de la Carrasca, Rey de Copas, Wandering Vines, Costa Cruz, Finca La Carrasca, Toma, Lobo Negro, Tanggier, Abanico.

Fruity varietal and well-structured oak-aged wines with an inspiring Mediterranean style.

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Young and fresh wines that mainly stand out for their fruity aromatic intensity.

Modern varietal wines inspired by the purest cosmopolitan atmosphere.

This wine pays homage to all those people who transmit Spanish culture through music.

Young and fresh wines recently redesigned to better adapt to the young audience.

Varietal wines elaborated in Spain and characterized by 800 m. altitude and continental climate.

This is the brand with more references of our winery made up of bright young wines and pleasant, full-bodied aged wines.


Soft sparkling wines with very fine bubbles, well-balanced between acidity and sweetness.

The wines that make up this brand, both fresh young and aged, are elegant, smooth and well-structured.

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