Since 1853 Lozano family has maintained the tradition of respecting and caring for the land as one of the principles of the company.

The vineyard consists on several continuous areas; Finca La Carrasca, Elipa and Los Salvadores which contain more than 1000 hectares where the vineyard is the predominant cultivation, although there are also cereals and olive trees. All fields are located in the surroundings of Villarrobedo (Albacete) about ten minutes’ drive from the winery.

The annual production is 6500 kilos per hectare thanks to the typically continental climate which contributes to the grapes the character for which our wines are known internationally.

Quality of the land and its humidity, temperature, plantation type, attention due to the ripening degree of the grapes, distance of the vineyard to the winery and timescale from harvesting to fermentation, careful harvesting and most of all effort based work are part of the success of Lozano.


Climate: Typically Continental

Temperature: High ranging temperatures, reaching + 40 ° C in summer and at low temperatures in winter

Altitude: 742 meters

Location: Mainly low montain

Soil: Mostly clay-calcareous

Total area: 1,000 hectares

Plantation: Trellis and cup-shaped

Density of plantation: 2,778 plants / hectare

Annual Production: 6,500 kg / hectare

In the vineyard there is a field team composed of enologists and engineers who carry out daily control of the development of the plant and fulfill thorough analyzing of all quality parameters, especially at harvesting time.

In addition, each year a small part of the vineyard is reserved for tests with other non-native grape varieties; the production of each season is measured and analyzed according to the meteorological conditions.


In the vineyard 14 different grape varieties are cultivated:

White: Airén, Chardonnay, Macabeo, Moscatel, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo.

Red: Bobal, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Shiraz and Tempranillo.






742 M



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