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Responsabilidad Social Corporativa de Bodegas Lozano - Paisaje


Our project is aimed at respecting the environment, causing less environmental impact thanks to the implementation of an integrated viticulture. With minimal intervention following the vegetative cycle of the vineyard, adequate adaptation to natural conditions and energy care is achieved. All of this is achieved with savings behaviors and reductions in CO2 emissions and the own implementation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption.

The environmental commitment policies are implemented from the vineyard thanks to the promotion of good practices, generation and consumption of energy and responsible supplies, plant endotherapy, efficiency of packaging due to the use of 100% recyclable materials, of articles made from renewable polymers derived of sugar cane, integrated cleaning, purification systems and adequate waste management.

On the other hand, at our facilities in Rioja Alavesa we are carrying out a repopulation of native trees: we are recovering fruit trees such as vine peaches, cider apple trees, walnut, pear trees, quince trees ... once present on the edges of the vineyards in this area and on stream banks.

Reciclaje de envases - Icono flechas
Recycling of containers
Desarrollo sostenible - Icono hojas
Sustainable development
Ahorro energético - Icono bombilla
Energy saving
Tratamiento de residuos - Icono grifo
Waste treatment


Certificaciones Bodegas Lozano


Voluntarily motivated and accredited for decades by organizations such as Sedex, following an ethical, sustainable and respectful behavior with people, society and the environment. Our day-to-day life is differentiated by attention to health and safety, continuous specialized training and the integrity of long-term relationships of trust with our suppliers, colleagues, consumers and with the planet.


We are a great family, as well as a family project, and our values contribute to improving society; highlighting the roots to the land, durability, generation of identity in our performance and in our wines.